Nov 042011

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MMAIO has a couple of new tracks out, including Don’t Fall and Afterglow (Kosta Cross Remix). This Tuesday, she’ll be releasing her video for About You, so check back for that! If you haven’t heard her singles yet, listen here.

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The Glorious Veins

 The Glorious Veins can next be found performing at Arlene’s Grocery on Friday, December 2nd at 11pm, followed by Rock N’ Roll Karaoke!

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Emily Danger

 Emily Danger, is playing at 8pm during the Women In Rock Festival at Alphabet Lounge (Lower East Side, NYC)  Thursday, December 15th! There will be some new songs you haven’t heard, and, if you couldn’t make it to Fat Baby, you’ll be seeing their newest member for the first time, too! The band leaves the next day to go record their debut EP, so come help them kick it off right.

Emily Danger @ Alphabet Lounge 12/15

Women In Rock Festival


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